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Gutter Guard Service in Victoria

In Victoria, your home’s gutter system channels rain down from the roof and away from its foundation. However, your gutter system will perform much more efficiently when it is free of debris, twigs, and leaves.

Network Exteriors offers a top-of-the-line gutter guard service that will leave your gutters free of debris all year round. Our durable gutter guard system ensures that your gutter system will perform efficiently, even during heavy rainfall, by channeling water down from your roof and away from your home’s foundation. Our gutter guard is guaranteed to keep twigs and leaves out of your gutters and is capable of withstanding a weight of up to 250 pounds per linear foot.

About Our Gutter Guard

For new gutter installations, we recommend Alu-Rex, a gutter fastening system that incorporates a leaf guard. This system secures gutters to your home so effectively that your gutter system will be able to bear a weight of up to 250 pounds per linear foot.

Alu-Rex gutter guard is designed to keep debris out of the gutters, eliminating overflowing gutters due to clogs and buildup. The cover also prevents ice from accumulating. This leaf guard system easily conforms to new or existing gutters; no matter how wide the gutter channel is or what material they are made of, with the exception of vinyl gutters. It is invisible from the street and will not rust or flake.

Why Choose Gutter Guard?

Gutter guards are an essential component of any Victoria home’s maintenance strategy. They are designed to prevent leaves, debris, and other unwanted materials from clogging your home’s gutters, which can cause water damage, erosion, and other costly issues. Using gutter guards not only helps to protect your home in Victoria, but it also saves you money on expensive repairs in the long run. Additionally, gutter guards make home maintenance significantly easier, as they reduce the amount of time and effort required to clean gutters. With a wide variety of gutter guard options available, homeowners can choose a style that best suits their needs and budget. Ultimately, using gutter guards is a smart investment that pays off in both the short and long term by protecting your home and simplifying your home maintenance routine.

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