Aluminum Soffits: The Untold Story

Aluminum Soffits: The Untold Story

What Are Aluminum Soffits?

Soffits and fascia are terms used in the construction industry to describe the outside finishing of a structure where the roof ends. The soffit of a roofing system serves a couple of purposes: it contributes to the outside aesthetics of the building while also protecting it from the elements. Without soffits, your rafters could become exposed to moisture and deteriorate over time, leading to some costly repairs.

Benefits of Aluminum Soffits

While we offer a number of choices for soffit replacement including wood and vinyl options, aluminum soffits are a popular choice, selected by many for their ease of installation, longevity, and curb appeal. Some of the benefits of choosing aluminum soffits include:

Easy Installation

Aluminum soffits and fascia may be installed in a wide range of weather conditions. The soft, malleable material can be adjusted to fit into compact areas such as attics or gable ends.

Though aluminum soffits allow for installation under a number of circumstances, improper installation such as nailing the soffits too tightly to the supporting boards may result in bowed or rippled soffits as the temperature changes. To ensure proper installation, it is critical that aluminum soffits are installed by experienced home contractors. Contact Network Exteriors to learn more about our aluminum soffits and fascia installation services.

Low Maintenance

One of the largest benefits of choosing aluminum soffits is the relatively low maintenance required once installed. As the finishing colour is baked into the aluminum, repainting isn’t necessary – avoiding issues like peeling, warping, or rotting that other materials such as painted wood may be prone to. Aluminum soffits can last up to 20 years!

Increased Aesthetic Appeal 

Aluminum soffits are often chosen for their attractive exterior, enhancing home curb appeal. Network Exteriors can install your soffits in a wide range of colours and styles including plain, smooth or ribbed.

Maximum Ventilation

Aluminum soffits help to ensure maximum ventilation in your attic, reducing the accumulation of condensation and moisture and minimizing risk of mould or rot damage.

Reduced Energy Consumption

The proper air circulation ensured by aluminum soffits helps to moderate the temperature inside your attic, allowing your heating and cooling systems to run more efficiently and reducing overall energy consumption.

In addition, using a 100% recyclable material such as aluminum is an environmentally-friendly choice as old soffits may easily be made into new aluminum products.


Aluminum is a non-combustible material, meaning it does not burn. Many building codes even require aluminum soffits and fascia to meet optimal fire safety measures.

Animal Deterrent

You’d be surprised how easily animals can squeeze through weak spots in your soffits and fascia to enter your home. Bats, squirrels, and even raccoons can fit through holes as small as 3.8cm in diameter. Aluminum is much stronger than wood, making aluminum soffits challenging for animals to break through and providing better protection for your home.

Aluminum Soffit Installation Victoria

Interested in installing aluminum soffits for your home on Vancouver Island? Network Exteriors is happy to provide aluminum soffit installation in Victoria. Learn more about our installation service here, or contact us today to obtain a free quote.